Do you have any tips for beginning (new) users? You can post them here. Also, know that if we (admins) feel that the tip is not correct, accuract, etc. we will remove it.

  • Remember when you're making your character history, that your characters aren't allowed to have taken part in events that happened in the trilogy, or be related/friends/etc. with characters from the trilogy.
  • Make sure the picture you're using isn't being used by another character. Also make sure that it doesn't have a watermark over it.
  • If you're having problems with using a template, making a page, etc. do consult the pages that we have set up for those problems before contacting an admin. Being independant is a great thing on the wiki.
  • Read the policies. They give you alot of information on the do's and dont's of the Wiki, and also some important rules. Also, the Getting Started Guide is amazingly useful, and will help you greatly on creating your character and working your way around the wiki.

Anyone who is at least 2 weeks old on the wiki may post tips. Following these tips will make it easier to be on the wiki.

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