Aimee Terra
Possible Tribute of District 5
This Character Belongs to Catnip8


Aimee was born on May 3 in District 5 to Stan and Phoebe Terra. She grew up right next to Valen Zephyre and they became the best of friends. Having disscusions about many things and spending a lot of time together, she had gotten a crush on him. Still hanging out together and going to school together, she has no idea how to tell him. Anyways, she hates living with an older sister who is dating everyone on the block. She hears what Skye and her boyfriends talk about and how in the end everything goes wrong. The break-up. She is afraid that might happen to her. So she plans on maybe never telling Valen her love to him. To forget about it she runs up to her hiding spot in the woods and talks to herself. But she never avoides Val. With all this craziness and Skye's boyfriends', she focuses on school and having a shot to be a Geologist. Her dream job.

Aimee Terra
The Smart and Shy
Possible Tribute of District 5
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Age 15
Family Stan and Phoebe Jones Terra and Skye Terra (16 Years Old Sister)
Status Alive
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Blonde
Height 5'7
Affiliation Self, District 5
Weapons -
Home District 5
Major Crush Val
Profession Geologist-to-be


Aimee Terra is a shy and very cute girl. She doesn't mind when people come up and talk to her, but the conversation might not go well being so shy. She would really love if guys would come up to her and be romantic to her, but that rarely happens. Her older sister is very beautiful and popular. Aimee is the opposite. Meaning, she isn't popular, but she is pretty. She doesn't know what to say around people but importantly boys. She loves science and nature in general. She can really relate to those who share the same intrests. Valen Zephyre is her best friend and she can easily talk to him , but she has a crush on him and doesn't know how to tell him.

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