Alabaster Nick Odair
"I am an Odair. Proud and Handsome."
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Finnick Odair V ( Father )

Angelina Odair nee Trough ( Mother, Deceased )

The Original Finnick Odair ( Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather )

Status Alive, District 4
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 6' 2.5"
Affiliation District 4
Weapons Trident



Profession Tribute
Home District 4


Alabaster Nick Odair was born on the day when his father, Finnick Odair III became the Mayor of District 4. He comes from a long line of Odairs who through time became great heroes and leaders in Panem. His grandfather who was of the same name as his father became the leader of the District 4 coalition who fought against a Tyrannic President which they successfully overthrew. He possesses the usual Odair look of elegance and immortal beauty. Girls around the District would swarm around him like he's a Celebrity which he partly is. Being the son of a mayor, Alabaster commonly known as “Nick” is highly guarded. His mother died when he was seven because of an accident, making him a bit emotionally unstable when angry.

He started training for the hunger games when he was 12, earning himself his great-great-great-great grandfather's trident as a gift from his Father. He was discovered to be a natural when fighting with a trident and a spear along with a net which he would use to capture his “foes” and spear them. Much like a Retarius. He dreams of joining the Hunger Games to prove to people that he's not just a simple pretty face therefore, he vowed that when he turns 18 whether or not he gets chosen, he would volunteer as a tribute.

The 138th Games have just started. The reapings are happening every hour. His father would be waiting on the stage and his name would be written in one of the hundreds of papers inside the glass ball. His Odds of being chosen to be Tribute are very slim. He still has a year left before he volunteers for good. Would he do it now or could he just wait for a year?

Personality and EtymologyEdit



Alabaster means "A fine-grained, translucent form of gypsum, often carved into ornaments" probably pointing out to his handsomeness. His second name, Nick, comes from the Finnick.

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