Althea Whisheart
Althea - Whisheart
"If you dont shut up, you may have to consult with my fist"
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Mother and Father (Deceased), Cressida Whisheart (Sister, 18) and Richard Whisheart (Brother, Deceased)
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'3
Affiliation Self, District 9
Weapons --
Profession Grain Packer
Home District 9

Althea Whisheart - Possible Tribute of District 9


Althea had a happy life up until she was 8, when her parents were executed for treason to Panem. When she was 12, and eligable for the Games, her brother, Richard, was reaped. During the Games, he allied with the Careers, then slaughtered in the night while he slept. Adding to her trauma only made her worse. She loves her sister for supporting her, and relies heavily on her. Althea grew to the age of 14, and was soon found very helpful to those around the District. She often takes a walk through the meadow in District 9, and listens to the mockingjays sing, while picking flowers to take to her families grave. She is recovering, and now has a few friends around her District. Her sister is now also suffering from arthuritus in her left leg, so she cannot walk properly. Althea is with her most of the day, hoping nothing will happen to her.


Althea was a shy but outgoing girl. She suffered a great trauma when her mother and father died, and has become fiesty and aggressive. She hates it when her family is mocked, and relies heavily on her 18 year old sister to look after her. She is a hard worker, however, and is known to be great with people when she is in the mood. Her life has been hard, making Althea tougher than she looks. She can also sing beautifully. She preferes to keep herself to herself. She currently works as a Grain Packer, Putting grain into storage for a few hours a day, but aspires to be mayor someday.

Character Stats

Strength: 6
Luck: 4
Charisma: 5

Skill: 8

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