Awe is a tribute and winner of the 69th annual hunger games


Occupation:Mentor,Career tribute

Home: District 1



Weapon: Spear , Dagger


Awe was 17 when he won his hunger games.After that he mentored and still worked out.

His GamesEdit

He won his hunger games by killing the District 5 female with his dagger.He killed many in the bloodbath then later in the bloodbath the girl from 5 stole his spear and he grabbed a dagger as his new weapon.He grew to it and killed many.In all he killed 7 tributes.


5 years after he won the games he was killed when he was sleeping by Mazo Kalone a woman from the Capitol sent to kill him.Mazo Kalone was sent to kill him before the 75th hunger games reaping.Mazo took the weapon he had used to kill the District 5 female with and others to kill him by stabbing him in the heart.Later that morning Cashmere noticed he was dead.


-He is Marvel's father

-His last name is Leoley (Like Leo by with lE at the end)

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