Calum Myers
Possible Tribute of District 2
This Character Belongs to Catnip8


Calum Myers was born on May 3 in the arms of Tray and Olivia Myers. Cal is an only chld so he got lots of attention from his mommy and daddy. For his 3rd birthday, he got his puppy dog, Toby. Toby and Calum were truly bestfriends. Toby was there to protect Cal, they both swam wth each other, danced, played in the mud, and her was always their to sleep with him and keep him company while hs parents fought. When Calum was 6, Olivia just disappeared. Calum now just lives with Tray and Toby. Today at 13, Calum is helping his father remodel the house which can be very hard. Even though he misses Momma, he will always love her.

The Muscles of District 2
Possible Tribute of District 2
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 13
Family Father and dog, Tray and Toby
Status Alive
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brunette
Height 5'4
Affiliation Self, District 2
Weapons -
Home District 2
Girlfriend -
Profession None Yet


He's a normal teenage boy. He loves to get dirty & work hard. He also loves playing ball or just chilling with friends. He's cute, smart and funny. His father and dog mean everything to him He is also very strong helping his father with the stone work on their house. He is always there to have a talk with someone too.

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