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Camilla Sanguine
Mayor ofDistrict 1
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Camilla Sanguine is the Mayor of district one. She is 39 but looks 25. When she was a youth, she won the hunger games, making district one even richer for a year. Camille always had strong ambitions, and as a child was very charismatic and charming. She tends to get her way, through powers of persuasion and sweet smiles. Before becoming the mayor, she ran a perfumery, and she is skilled at making cosmetics, which is why she looks so young.

Camille is 6'0", with dark brown ringlets. She has purple eyes, and is always wearing expensive clothing, shoes and jewellery. She wears excessive make-up. She has a stone glare, and holds herself very strictly. She is slim, and moves swiftly, resembling a cat.

She has a soft, silky voice, with a very slight french accent. She is very calm. In situations when she is under pressure, she stays very cool. However she is known to have a vicious temper.

She was married to Wealthy Mayor, Maurice, but he died three years after their marriage. Since his death she got an obsession with cats, and bought five of them. You can see their pictures below. Their names are; Maurice (After her late husband), Sultan, Thelma, Salem and Princess Serafina.

Camilla Sanguine
Someone else
Mayor of District One
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Age 39
Family Maurice Sanguine (Husband, Deceased)
Status Alive
Eye Colour Purple
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Height 6'0"
Affiliation District 12
Weapons -
Home District 12
Friends/Allies -
Enemies -

Her CatsEdit

Camilla's Cats



Whats more to say that shes a crazy cat lady mayor?