Caroline Odair, Pretty
Pretty Odair
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Bryanna Odair nee Fortes- Mom

Jason Odair- Dad

Angelica Odair-Sister

Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 6'0
Other Info On Caroline
Affiliation Work
Weapons Arrows
Profession Weapon Maker
Home District 4
Siblings Angelica Odair
Model Frida Gustavsson
Even More
Sexuality Bisexual
Allys Diana Berg
Enemies WIP


Jason and Bryanna Odair met in District 13 while in the mess hall. They fell in love and then came Caroline and her sister Angelica. Caroline, refereed to as pretty Odair, was not self confident or anything. She was quiet unlike Angelica. Caroline met her best friend Diana Burg in District 13. They played and helped eachother in work. When Diana died Caroline became quiet. She never wanted to play or talk either

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