Cecilia Bufford
Possible Tribute of District 6
This Character Belongs to Catnip8


Cecilia Rose Bufford was born on a sunny day sometime in the middle of June. Her beautiful, healthy family consists of her mother, Julianna, her father, Greg, her older brother, Jonah and herself. Cece has life pretty well living in District 6. Except for the fact that her family is pretty poor. She was answered in her prayers for her now twenty-year-old brother to never get reaped. The only problem now is for Cecilia to luck out and be safe of the Games. An average day for Cece would be to get up and get ready, head down through town, stop to talk to people, then her favorite was to take a fresh breath of air at the woods. Later in the day she would stop home for dinner and then be taken straight to work. You see, Ms. Bufford loved her job. She works on a boat as a part of the crew which she helps greet those boarding. No matter how she is stressed and wished she would quit, she never gives up. She got the job because there was an opening and her father help get it to her. Her father is one of the top mechanics on the ship. She has learned many things in Boats and Mechanics and one day hopes to be promoted to Captain or a Mechanic. For now she will try her hardest to get there and find true love. .

D7 Girl
Cecilia "Cece" Bufford
Possible Tribute of District 6
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Age 15
Family Mother and Father, Greg and Julianna. Older Brother, Jonah
Status Alive
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brunette w/ Highlights
Height 5'4
Affiliation Self, District 6
Weapons -
Home District 6

Profession Ship Crew


Cecilia is an absoulte girl with a twist. She is sweet, bubbly, looking for love, very understanding, emotional, but a very hard worker, unlike other girly girls. She works very hard to help customers or just to save her job. She respects her elders and those who are older and wiser. She loves meeting people, old friends and having those approach her. When times or people seem serious she can be. When it comes to family or boyfriends she is protective like she should be.

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