Colt Eastwinter - Possible Tribute of District 7


Colt Eastwinter
"My blade proves that once, diplomacy triumphed over the hatred and bitterness of war" ~ Colt
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Natalie (Mother), James (Father) and Ryan (Brother)
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'4
Affiliation Self/District 7
Weapons Inscribed Knife
Profession Transitory (Voluntary)
Home District 7

Colt grew up with his family, struggling with the rest of his District 7's population. He is somewhat popular around his area, known to help out with many demanding tasks other residents have had thrust upon them. His life has been a little rough lately, namely because The Capitol is treating the districts horribly after the Uprising several years ago. Angry about the meagre amount of supplies his family of 4 have to ration, he occasionally steals from the illegal market stalls. At the age of 12 he began training in hand to hand and knife combat, and excells at it. He can accurately throw knives and block/counteract many commonly used strikes. Now at 14, he is almost at Career standard, but his cocky attitude is his major downfall. Back when he was 9, He would sneak off to his secret hiding place in the District Square if something was wrong, having to toughen up over the years. When his grandfather died, (The closest person to him), he lost most of his will to live. That was three months ago, but from now on, he is his normal self. On nights he tends to practice in a small clearing behind his house. He is not afraid of the Games, infact, the anticipation of putting his years of hard work into action is truly overwhelming. To him, it would give him a purpose.


Can be a little overconfident, but helpful and does his jobs with the utmost care. Very reliable. Relentless in combat. Anybody who messes with him wont be the happiest person on whats left of the planet, so if you've got anything bad to say about him, definately DO NOT say it to his face, even if he asks. He is praised for his work by other residents, and maybe a little too proud of it. He can be cocky at times, getting himself into situations that are difficult to get out of. Despite that, However, he is a very fluent and confident speaker, even managing to convince peacekeepers to look the other way when he is caught stealing.

Personal Possessions - A beautifully crafted knife that reaches 25 cm long. The hilt is etched with the Latin words: 'Num bellum vi solvi' ~ "War between man can never be resolved by force". It was given to him by his grandfather before he died.

Age - 14

Best Friend: Rosaline

Colt's Inscribed Knife

Colt's Latin Inscribed Knife. "Num Bellum Vi Solvi"


Colt -Transitory
-Resident of District 7

 "My blade proves that once, diplomacy triumphed over the hatred and bitterness of war." ~ Colt

Back off!

Character Stats

Strength: 6
Luck: 5
Charisma: 9

Skill: 8

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