Danielle Studervin
Citizen of 1
This Character Belongs to Izzy


Danielle doesnt remember her history but she remembers her parents leaving her. She was adopted by Cale and Minerva Studervin and they raised her in District 2. She met Keegan Jacks and they started dating. But Keegan was good to her also as her parents hoped. Then she moved to 1.

The Doll of 1
Daughter of the Dolls
Vital Statistics
Gender feMale
Age 17
Family Cale and Minerva
Status Alive
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Golden Blonde
Height 5'4
Affiliation Self, District 1
Weapons Spear
Home England(Outside Of Panem)
Boyfriend Keegan Jacks
Profession None Yet


She listens and watches carefully. Shes a normal person and trys not to be a doll

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