Derek Packer
District 4
(This character belongs to Moviepopcorn123)


Derek was born to Audree and Xander Packer on April 20. He looked up to his older brother and loved his little sister. When he was 18 years old Samuel was reaped for the games. Derek was 12 and prayed his brother would return to him. His brother was killed in the finally by the girl from 8. She won the games and a new personality formed in Derek. In this personality he responded to the name Daren. He was taken to a mental ward and was visited by his parents. On one of the visits his little sister Nicole visited, she saw Derek as Daren and burst into tears. Some thing clicked in Derek/Daren's brain and yet another personality formed, called Damien.


Derek: He is the curious personality. A normal boy, curious and intrested in many different things around him. He often annoyed his parents with millions of questions and loved his older brother Samuel. He cared for others and was adventurous.

Daren: This is the dangreous and angry personality. In this personality he responds to the name Daren and is cruel and psychotic. He doesn't know who Derek was and he lashes out on his parents. He is thought as a pycopath and is often put in a strait jacket during this personality. He has no memories of Derek or Damien.

Damien: This is the calm personality of Derek. He is extremly calm and layed back. He thinks things trough and acts after much thought. In this personality Damien had some memories that Derek had. He tries to understand what is happening and is very thoughtful.

Derek Packer
3 faced
Resident of District 4
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 16
Family Audree and Xander Packer, Parents

Samuel Packer, Brother, Dead

Nicole Padker, Sister, 14

Status Alive
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Height 6"1'
Affiliation District 4
Weapons Damien
Home District 4
Friends/Allies Damien, Daren, Derek
Enemies -
Games -

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