This is the train in which the district 4 tributes shall be transported to the Capitol

Passangers AboardEdit

  1. Murdoch Delmer
  2. Xanthe Nerine Sable
  3. Nereia Seline
  4. Dorian Adair
  5. Lea Fredericks


Dorian walks onto the train and plops down, waiting for the others to arrive.

Lea: She keeps her face low, hidden behind her hair and sits down anywhere, not meeting anyone's eyes in hopes to hide her blotchy, red cheeks. She mumbles something, assumed to be a hello to Dorian.

Dorian: Don't cry. You can't change it now.

Lea: She looks up, her eyes mournful I guess I'm just....s-scared... She wraps her arms around her, as if cold.

Dorian: he looks over at her Better hide that during the games, no sponsors want to help a scared tribute.

Lea: She nods silently and rubs her cheeks, planning to wash her face later, but stays to wait for the others to come out of politeness.

Murdoch: *Whispering to Nereia, but stops when he see's the tributes* Oh here we are. So, formalities. I'm Murdoch, pleased to meet you, Lea. I'm already familia with Mr. Adair. This is Nereia, she'll be styling Dorian.

Nereia: Smiles, revealing beautiful pearly teeth. Hello Lea, Dorian. Pleasure to meet you both.

Dorian: Wonderful, lemme guess, I'm going to be half naked holding a gaint fish or something?

Lea: Nods politely to Murdoch and Nereia, glancing up and then looking back down at her hands, which she are wringing I am curious to see what our outfits will be like...

Nereia: Well, Lea, Xanthe has got something mind for you. I prefer showing the natural beauty of males. She looks at Dorian. Hmm...muscular.....body shape is in form. I'd say you'll be a little more than half naked. Smiles. And no fish. Thats so clichéd.

Dorian: says sarcasticly Awesome. leans back in his chair So Murdoch, whats the great plan for keeping us alive?

The train pulls into the Capital Station

Dorian: Looks like were here. Looks out window

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