This is the train in which th district 5 tributes shall be transported to the Capitol

Passangers AboardEdit

  1. Sabina Twilight
  2. Hex Prada
  3. Jean Tsuentana
  4. Hal Newbert


Jean:*Jean stands tight-lipped, looking out the window.*

Sabina: Walks into the room with the tributes in. Ah, finally, we're moving. So, you both know, that there are no mentors, and I will be mentoring you. Smiles

Hal: Nods.

Sabina: Where is that no good stylist Hex? Urgh, he make's me sick. Anyway, Hal, Tell me about yourself.

Hal: Shrugs and looks around bored. Not much to say.

Sabina: Okay... I can tell you don't want to speak.....

Jean: *ignores Sabina completely*

The Train pulls into the Capital Station