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Elise -Member of District 4, apprentice healer, possible tribute
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Elise Diann Berk

Elise Diann BerkEdit

Elise is the daugther of Derek and Jolise Berk though was quite fortunate compared some other people in District 4 her life is dotted with disasters


Elise and her borther were born on February first to Derek and Jolise Berk. Due to their parents high standing the society of Districrt 4 Elise and her twin Julian had it quite easy, but all went downhill. When Julian and Elise were almost nine year old their mother Jolise discover morphling it was boxed out on the street she saw no harm in taking a few after the are said to relive pain and she felt she and her husband had a lot, Jolise took some pills home and shared thm with her husband and she continued to steal the Morphling but as the years went by they became addicted and in the year of Elise and Julians Birthday Jolise was caught and she and Derek who were now addicts and were deemed unfit parents. But because the twins Grandmother Anna Stone was still alive they were sent to live with her. That year the two had their first Reaping and for Julian it was his last. Julian was reaped and Killed in the intial bloodbath by a Career he had almost escaped when the career caught him. Elise never trulygot over it.


Elise is a lively person to meet though she knows she is pretty she has never let that get to her. but she Never got over the death of her twin, twins have a special bond the are like two halfs of the same person and when Julian died part of hr died with him so a points Elise is not all there and just leaves the building in a kind of daydream. but when this is not happening Elise is probably the nicest person you will ever meet

Current lifeEdit

Elise currently lives with her Grandmother Anna Stone, in the rooms above her grans apothecary. Elise is trainingas her Grandmothers apprentice in the apothecary. she has learnt to make a number of healing pastes and other remedys. She does not participate at the docks.

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