Faith Iris Mason
Resident of District 5
(This Character Belongs to Riri25)


Faith was born in District 5.She is the youngest daughter of Carol Mason (nee' Faust) and Eisenhower Mason.Carol died giving birth to Faith,this tradegy caused Faith to think it was her fault,even though her family tells or protests her it isn't.

Faith was only 7 years old when her father and brother Eban trained her to defend herself from certain dangers.She was also given a muela knife from her sister,Charlotte,to use for hunting or defending herself.Since then,Faith goes out to hunt for food for her and her family in the forests.

And two years ago,Faith was hunting in the forest near her housing area,she had her eyes on a rabbit that was wandering away from it's group.She was about to aim her knife at it when she felt someone bump hard into her.She fell to the ground,wounded her hand in the proses,also her rabbit ran away.She was furious at this,since she never lost her target before.When she got up she found the person who bumped into her on his feet.

She took her knife from the ground and walked warily towards the guy.The guy looked about 14,but he was armed with a bow.He was good looking,which made Faith stop on her tracks.He came up to her,this time unarmed,he put his hands up in surrender.He said his name was Fredrick,he was from the same district as her.Faith was still wary of him but decided to believe him.She asked him why he was in the forest,he said it was for the same reason as her's.Faith then invited him to join her for hunting.

Since then,Faith beame friends with Fredrick,but soon develops a crush on him.She hunts with him a lot nowadays to.

Resident of District 5
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Age 15
Family Eisenhower Mason(father)Carol Mason(mother,deceased)Charlotte and Eban Mason(siblings)
Status Alive
Eye Colour Violet
Hair Colour Brown
Height 5'5"
Affiliation District 5
Marital Status Single
Allies Family



Faith is a shy and quiet person,she rarely talks.She tries to stay out of other people's way.She is kind and loving towards her family and close friends.Faith rarely gets angry,but she gets irritated if you try to get her to talk.Faith is shy around good looking boys.She is a very skilled hunter.


Name Relation Feelings
Carol Mason Mother I...killed her,I know it's my fault,even though they tell me it's not.
Eisenhower Mason Father I love him to bits.
Eban and Charlotte Mason Siblings I love them,they're the best!
Frederick Best Friend/Crush He's amazing..and hot! PLEASE don't get me started!!

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