Felicia Carlos is a Tribute made by HungerGamesSims. 

She is from District 11 and her parthner is Sage Elderberry.


Name: Felicia Carlos

District: 11 

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Weapon: Stealth, Knives, Trapping, Knots and Bow and Arrows (You choose)

[1] Personality: Will do anything for her family and friends, and is brave enough to do it. She tries her best in everything, even if she knows she will fail. She won't go down without a fight, Always calm.

Strengths: She is amazing at climbing trees, no matter what height, width or how strong the branches are. The last time she fell out of a tree was when she was 4. She can tell the different between every plant and is an expert on edible plants, and traps and is a fast runner.

Weaknesses: Anything beautiful. She finds it hard to kill innocent animals for food, and will mostly only kill to defend. She doesn't mind killing, bears,wolves or any wild cats.

Fears: She is afraid of tributes that are good at camoflage, and does not like anything that can kill at a distance.

Interview Angle: She will be kind but not-so innocent.

Bloodbath Strategy: She will only go up for the closest backpack, as she can make it out alive, So long as she focuses.

Feast Strategy: If she doesn't want to get into the middle of things, she will combine her skills of trapping and bow and arrows and invent an arrow with rope connected. She will then fire the arrow at the item and pull it back to her using the rope. 

Backstory: As she grew up, she learned how to steal food without being caught, as her family starves more ofen than not. Her father left her mother, as he just wanted her money, and realising she had none, he left. At the age of 7, her mother died, destroying the last of her hope, thinking she will not starve. She learnt that 25 years ago, her aunt, Rue, died when she was only 12 in The Hunger Games. When she learned that, She swore she will protect her family,Her younger twin sisters, Lily and Rose, and older brother, Lotus. They lived in the outskirts of District 11, Where every year she watched District 11's and 12's Tributes go by in the train station. She would help out in the fields, taking over the job her aunt used to do, telling the workers when the day was over. 

One year, During the reaping, her best friend, Orchid, was picked as the female tribute, and unable to think of life without her, she volunteered for her, with no one taking her place. After, the boy tribute, Sage, was chosen, she realised this is going to be harder than she thought, as she secretly loves Sage, and decides to protect him as long as she can, and if the choice comes, she will sacrifice herself for him. She went into the Justice Building without comment. Her older brother, Lotus, visits her, and gives her a woven grass necklace with a roughly carved wooden star on it, and tells her to wear it all the time throughout the Games. She then puts it on and says her final goodbyes to her brother.

Highest Training Score: 8

Highest Odds: 13-1

The GamesEdit

She has only participated in 1 Game.

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