Florence Roberts
Possible Tribute of District 9
This Character Belongs to Catnip8


Florence 'Flo' Roberts was born on April 10 to Jon and Marie Roberts. Flo started to farm at the age of 6. She also had a best friend named Rosie who was with her all the time. They used to farm together, since Flo's father was the farmer, and just play in the orchards together. Then later on, The Roberts had twins, Caroline and Thomas. Flo was happy and excited. Then, her parents farming business got bigger and more busier. That would mean Flo would had to work longer and watch the twins. As years went on Flo and Rosie finally turned 13. And soon the reaping. Rosie was chosen to go fight to her death, and she did. That was probably the worst moment of Flo and The Roberts life. Florence still remembers Rosie but she tries to forget all the bad things that happened. Today she helps her mother ship crops off to The Capitol and she loves to go talk to people in town. Florence hopes one day to go to The Capitol to see what it really is like.

Flo FLo
Florence "Flo" Roberts
Possible Tribute of District 9
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Age 15
Family Mother and Father, Maire and Jon and Twins, Thomas & Carline
Status Alive
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Orange
Height 5'4
Affiliation Self, District 9
Weapons -
Home District 9
Friends Althea Whisheart
Profession Farmer's Daughter


Florence, mostly known as Flo, is a very hard worker and such a curious girl.She feels she needs to say anything on her mind. She can also me a little bit sarcastic and judge others. It's hard for Florence to get close to those she meets and she would rather be left alone. She also works very hard because she is the Farmer's Daughter. She takes care of her whole family the best that she can, which can be a little stressful.

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