Galene Gaiana

District Four
(This Character Belongs to Bryans1008)



Galene, or "Gale" as she allows her mother to call her, grudgingly, is a wealthy resident of District four. She is fourteen years old. She was born to Ruth and Ernest Gaiana. Her mother was a restauranteur, but retired to settle down and raise her kids with Ernest. Ernest is a Ship Captain, and is one of the highest paid workers in the District.


Galene Gaiana
Vital Info
Status Alive
Born January 5
Nick Names Gale
Relationship Single
Location District 4
Physical Info
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 5'9"
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Blue-Green
Skin White

Ernest Gaiana
Ruth Gaiana

Loyalty District Four
Gainia Family


Galene is a very loving person, but she despises her district life. On the other hand, she does care very much for the people there. Especially, for those less fortunate than her. She is also rather intelligent, she knows certain marine animals and plants like the back of her hand.

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