Gayle Rosalinde Howard

Gayle Rosalinde HowardEdit

Gayle Rosalinde Howard, Daughter of Rosa and Dean Howard. Sister of Robert and Freya Howard, lives in the merchant part of District 12 in the flat above her mothers apothecarywhere she helps.


Gayle is very small for her age (fourteen). She has long wavy caramel blonde hair and deep blue eyes which reflct her mood perfectly (they go lighter the happier she is and darker the sadder or more serious) she is normally seen wearing colors of spring


Gayle is a very caring person, she is always trying to help people. She is very friendly and kind. No-one has ever seen Gayle angry, she is a very kind person. She and her older sister normally go around the poorer peoples houses and give them some of the food she and her sister own


Gayle's family is very fortunate, one of the more fortunate families in 12, she always had it easy. aMother and father work and own the apothcary in the merchant part of twelve

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