LOOKIE HERE is a currently deleted page, so for those who didn't see it, it basically stated that our wonderful and former admins Captin' Rin and Upside-down, commonly known as Rin and Sid respectively, were just going drop this wiki that they helped found, and gleefully watch it crash and burn even more than it had.

That page was deleted by the Hgrpbot. I don't know whether or not that was Rin or Sid in disguise, but probably, because when they replied to angry comments trying to justify themselves, they chose not to sign in, and remain as anons. I wouldn't want people like that running a wiki anyway. Anywho, I assume they did not want any more people knowing this information. I say screw that. As contributors you deserve to the happenings and the state of the wiki. And one of those happenings is a small group of us teaming up and....

Restarting the Hunger Games Roleplay Wiki!

And this is our official announcement. No one should be denied their fun with roleplaying just because we've been abandoned. I'm putting this announcement up because in order to execute our plan, this wiki must be temporarily shut down. THIS MEANS:

  • No creating any new pages (this includes Character Application Forums). This reboot will include deleting every dead page, which is most pages, so the less pages we need to do this to, the better.
  • No roleplaying, which might seem SO backwards, but think about it. We're redoing the storyline, characters, etc.
  • Do not delete your own page. I'm not sure you can if you aren't an admin anyways, but just be careful. Leave it up to us.
  • Unless we call for your help, you don't really need to be active during this time. When this reboot will be completed is unknown, so we'll just message you at that point. However, if you get a message asking a question about your pages, etc, please answer it.

So yeah, that's my little (major) announcement. If you've any questions, ask me on my talk page or in the comments.

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