Too Many Hurt
Important Information
Gender female
Family Mother and Father
Status Alive
Eye Color Brown/Green/Blue
Hair Color Light Brown
Height 6"0
Age 17
Affiliation District 8
Weapons weapons
Profession Cloth Dyer
Home District 8

Jaclynn -Citizen of 8
-Theres A Smile on your face

 – {{{1}}}

Wanna do biz? Or you wanna buy some cloth?


She doesnt do much but watch people and do her job. She always listens and doesn't like making commotion. She doesn't remember her childhood. Except for working at the factory. She always makes bets. She always wins


Zeke Tare met Mel Tare in District 8. They had an affair. Zeke left Mel and Jaclynn. Jaclynn grew up in a harsh factory. She dyed cloth. She even sewed a bit. Then she was abandoned. Everyone called her Orchid Live. Because she was so brave when her mother left.

Character Stats

Strength: 10
Luck: 10
Charisma: 10

Skill: 10

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