Jasmine Leonard
District 12
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Jassie real

Jassie -Tribute
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Jasmine Leonard
Jassie real
Resident of District 12
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Age 16
Family Quin and Noelle Leonard, Parents

Olivia (deceased), Sister

Vincent, 19 Brother

Allison, 21 and Carly, 18 Older Sisters

Status Alive
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Red
Height 5'7"
Affiliation District 6
Weapons Seduction
Home District 12
Enemies -
Games -


Jasmine was born on the sunny day of June 18 to Quin and Noelle Leonard. They are a middle class family neither poor nor rich. They were peaceful and had little or no enemies. She grew up close to her older siblings. Olivia was 7 years older, Allison, 5, Vincent, 3, and Carly, 2. When Olivia was just 13 years old she was reaped. Olivia survived the bloodbath and allied with a girl from 9. The whole family then watched in horror as the girl brutally killed Olivia while she slept. The family then grew apart, minding their own business, except for Vincent and Jasmine. They grew together and bonded through the rough times. Jassie is now confident with support from her friends and Vincent.


Jasmine is one of the kindest girls one can know. She is bright and bubbly. Known as Jassie by her friends, she is a sweet and generous girl. She is often thought as almost oozing kindness. Around her family she is slightly more receded but still out going. She has many friends in school, and not just friends who you move away from, but true friends. It seems that everyone is just naturally kind around Jassie. She is also a relatively smart girl. She is a bit of an artist and wants to become a stylist when she grows up, but not for the hunger games.


  • Picture of Jassie
  • Self Portrait

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