Name: Jigsaw Sharp

District: 2

Weapons: Axe,Scythe,Spear & Sickle.

Appearance: Long brown hair and greenish/reddish eyes,tall and muscular build,olive skin and lanky legs.

Personality: Brave,Ruthless,Deadly and Cocky.

Strengths: Very strong,perfect accuracy,great at climbing and outstanding with Hand-to-hand combat.

Weaknesses: Swimming.

Fears: Drowning,Being killed by a weakling.

Interview Angle: Brave,Trustworthy and Loyal.

Alliance: Careers.

Bloodbath Strategy: Get weapons and then retrieve survival supplies after killing weaker tributes.

Games Strategy: When a small amount of tributes remain,kill off the rest of the careers and hunt for the other pathetic tributes.

Token: No token.

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