Name: Kay Arenal

Age: 15


Catchphrase:"Mess with my head and you're as good as dead."

Eye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour: Dark brown

Family: Steve Arenal (Father, now peacekeeper in 8. Age: 45), Kyle Arenal (Personal Trainer in 2. Age:22)


Her mom died after giving birth to Kay on the 31st of October. Kay's mother, Monica Ridley, lived in two as a child and won the 45th Hunger games before moving into the Victors Village in 2. Kay still lives in the victors village but hangs out in the outskirts of 2. Kay trained all her life in 2. Her weapons are knives and spears. She is not popular at school, but she isn't a complete loner.

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She had a sister ,who was Kyle's twin called Astrid Arenal, who died in the 72nd Hunger Games. Kay's best friend was the mayors daughter, Taylor Flint, and they were super tight. Taylor was very popular and was good with a sword, nothing like Kay, but they got along fine. Taylor got reaped because the capitol didn't like the Arenal family because Monica only won because she used the force-field. They couldn't take their house away because Monica knew this would happen and made a big penalty if the contract with the capitol was broken.The capitol knew that Kay would volunteer, and she did, but Taylor rejected the volunteer so the capitol gave her a grusome, long and agonizing death by drowning.


She is very stubborn, feisty, fun to be around, adventurous, witty, over protective (especially when it comes to Taylor or family)  and can be smart when needed to. She doesn't have the best attitude, but is awesome when you get to know her. She isn't keen on the whole 'boyfriend' thing but she's been asked out many times.


Kay Arenal -future tribute
-"So I heard your a player. Nice to meet you, I'm the coach."


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