Liam Davidson
Possible Tribute of District 3
This Character Belongs to Catnip8


Liam Davidson was born on April 20 to Kenny and Catherina Davidson. He found love when he was 13. Her name was Delaney Fayte. The most prettiest girl in District 3. They fell in love at a young age. She was probably the best girfriend he had and no one could replace her. He used to tell her that she was the only one and that she has beauty like no other. They used to go to fancy eating places, tell stories to each other, sing randomly, but most important be cheesy like any other couple. When they were 15, dating for 2 years, Delaney had come down with a very bad disease. No cure could help the pain. Everyday, he would sit my her bedside holding her hand, and telling her how much he loved her. One day, her disease randomly went away. Liam and Delaney were back together. The same old things they used to do, and what all couples did. Sometimes they talked about marring and running away. The talked about their future and if they ever did marry, a family. Their love was strong and nothing could break it. Until, one day. 1 month after Delaney's miracle, she had a heartattack. Liam had found out when he went to her house to go take her out on a date. Delaney's mother had told him when her approached the house. Even though he was in pain, he knew he had an amazing love and no other girl could ever, EVER top that. Liam now goes around look for "that girl" to love and live with each day. He still remembers of his one true love, Delaney..

The Flirt of District 3
Possible Tribute of District 3
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 17
Family Mother and Father, Catherina and Ken
Status Alive
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brunette
Height 5'9
Affiliation Self, District 3
Weapons -
Home District 3
Girlfriend -
Profession Candy Shop Employee


Liam is the biggest flirt in the District 3. He is sweet, charming, very romantic, caring and understanding. Whenever he sees a very pretty girl, he goes all goo-goo and madly in love. He loves giving girls flowers and making them feel like they are they only ones he loves. He is always greeting girls and protecting them. He is very protective when it comes to family or girlfriends. He really hates when family members or girlfriends are being insulted or in danger. He can get snappy at times too, but you rarely see him mad. Are you ready for love??.

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