Physical Descripton

Name: Lillian Rose

District: 3

Age: 16

Weapons: Sword & Axe

Strengths: Running,climbing,hand-to-hand combat

Weaknesses: Swimming

Token: Silver Anklet


Lillian has always hated The Hunger Games ever since her sister Opal died at the age of 13.Lillian had an easy talent with an axe and was very skilled with a sword.At school Lillian wasn't that popular but she had a few friends and Lillian had amazing talents.Such as singing,dancing,art,writing,reading & athletics.Lillian has 3 sisters and lives with her mother.She wears a silver anklet with Opal's name carved onto it.Lillian has trained for the games ever since Opal died.


Lillian has 3 Sisters.All of them are younger then her.First there is Holley who is 14.Then theres Missy who is 10.And the youngest of all May who is 4 years old.Opal was 13 when she died and Lillian was 10.So Opal used to be the oldest.Their father lives in District 2 because that's where he works.His name is Fabian and he visits District 3 every year on Christmas.And the mother Sylvia.Sylvia was reaped in The Hunger Games once but a 18 year old girl named Spark volunteered for her.Spark became the victor and Spark & Sylvia are friends to this day.

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