Mara Watson
"No one hurts my children!"
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Victoria Watson, Sofia Watson and Lucas Watson ( Children )

Johnathan Watson ( Husband )

Status Alive, District 12.
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Auburn
Height 5"4
Affiliation District 12

Traders at the Hob

Weapons None.
Profession Housewife
Home District 12


Mara was scared to death after she was chosen for the 96th Hunger Games but her brother had volunteered for her. She was just 12 then. Her brother died with a spear through his head after 4 days in the Arena. She saw his death, close-up. She cried and never got out of the burden. She blamed herself for his death. If she would've just interfered and told his brother to not volunteer, He could be alive.

Mara then met Johnathan Watson who helped her through the pain she never got over. She was just 16 then. He was a son of the longest line of the bakers District 12 ever had. He was handsome she thought, He had blonde hair and cool blue eyes that are prominent in his family. They became best friends and they were married.

A few more years have passed and they were blessed with three wonderful children: Victoria, Sofia and Lucas. She has learned to let go of the pain but never forget it.

What would she go through and what would she need if one of her daughters are chosen for the 138th Hunger Games and is bound to be dead by the end of the games?


Mara is a very calm and nice person. She has gone through most painful events in her life and has learned to survive them. She is very motherly and over-protective towards her children and will do anything to protect them but with her inability to break the rules, she cannot do anything to save her children from the horrors of the Hunger Games.

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