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Marco Castor
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Parents: Cedric and Kristin Castor

Younger Sister: Ally Castor

Status Alive
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Height 6' 1"
Affiliation N/A
Weapons Mind
Profession Inventor
Home District 3


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Banks is an incredibly smart kid. He is slightly cocky because he knows he is smarter then everyone else. His cockyness some times prevents him from making friends but he does have a few friends who are just as smart as him. He is aware that he is trapped in his district and is constantly doing small things to fight back against the capitol. He is slightly bipolar meaning that he is very kind to his family but not so much to other people. He is able to look sweet on the out side (charming the ladies) but on the inside he is furious at the capitol for not letting him expand his boarders.


Banks was born on December 31 to Cedric and Kristin Giga. From the start they knew he was special, and made sure he had the right education. When he was 5 his sister Ally was born, they were the classic siblings fighting over the smallest things. When he was 15 he invented a small video camera that could spy on peacekeepers. He was payed a large amount of money by the leader of a rebellion for it. THe rebellion was killed but Banks was rich and decided to stay quiet about it. At 17 he applied to becoming a scientist for the capitol but was denied. He is furious at the capitol, but stays in control of his anger. He now has a girlfriend who he doesn't like but did it to impress his friends.

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