Marley Chance
District 4
(This Character Belongs to User:Justademigod11)


Bubbly and very fun at times but when shes in her scared state she can be very terrifying. Carry and Mom are the only ones that can help Marley get over her scared state.


History: When Marley was born her mother was very happy after years of dealing with Caroline, Marley was the only good baby. Marley and Carry never got along but in her scared state Carry would be the only one that could help.

Their Mother was an drug addict. Their father made her stop when Marley was a young age. At 5 years old Marley went to kindergarten with Carry. Carry was 13 but little did Marley know Carry would get reaped. Carry never came back after the games. Marley was always in her scared state after that.

As Marley grew up she was cautious, trying not to hope too hard that she wouldnt get reaped. She met someone. A boy to be precise. His name was Chase Matthews. She came out of her scared state for him. And so he never left her side.

Marley Marie Chance
"Belle From Beauty"
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Age 14
Family Sophia, Carry, Daniel
Status Alive
Eye Colour Blue-grey
Hair Colour Blonde
Height -
Affiliation the games.
Weapons Dagger
Home District 4
Friends/Allies -
Enemies -



  • Dagger
  • A picture of Carry and Marley
  • A ring with C ingraved

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