Mathias 'Matt' Stieber
District 6
(This character belongs to Upside-down)


Matt -Tribute of District 6

 – I do it because I want to do it.

Have you seen my goggles anywhere?

Mathias 'Matt' Stieber
Important Information
Gender Female (Despite name)
Family Rina Stieber-Mother

Zyle Stieber-Father


Status Alive and well
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Sandy-blonde (Aka: Dark blonde hair with light blonde highlights)
Height 5' 4"
Affiliation District 6
Weapons None
Profession Test Pilot
Home District 6


Mathias's mother, Rina is the wife to Zyle Stieber. Rina was believed to be infirtile until Mathias was concived. The housewife who helped Rina give birth was a crazy old thing and mistook Matt's umbilical cord for a... well she thought Mathias was a boy. Only after they had offically named her did they notice that she was indeed a girl. Mathias learned to drive the auto-mobiles her father worked to make at age 6. She's sky-rocketed ever since. At the age of 16, she is the most talented pilot in district 6.


Matt is very rebelious and stubborn. She won't smile for anyone unless she truely wants to and she is very blunt in her speech. Her bluntness can be off putting to most people, but it also proves she will never lie to you. If you get her on the topic of flying, she will never shut up.


♦ One pair of googles

♦ Pilot's licence


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