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Murdoch -Escort of District 4

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Hey Ladies? Wanna make like bugs and mate?

Murdoch Delmer
District Four Escort
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Murdoch is flirty, immature and a ladies-man. He always has a smile on his face, however he does have a problem of getting into too many fights. He is known as the master of innuendo's.


Murdoch Delmer is an escort for district four. He is 20 yars old. When the games are not on, he is a seaman, travelling the waters, helping to feed the District and the Capitol. His ship specialises in finding lobster and crab, and other delicacies that can be served in the Capitol. Murdoch has long, wavy black hair, and sea-green eyes. He is slim, with an athletes build, but he was never chosen for the games. He became an escort for his district so that he still had some part to play in the games. The games were a big dream of his, but unfufilled. Being an escort is the only wasy he gets to participate in the games.

He has no family, he was orphaned from a young age, never knew his family. When he was 10, he was found by the captian of a fishing ship, as a cabin-boy. Slowly he worked his way to the top, ands now he is the first mate of the same ship.

Murdoch Delmer
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age Twenty
Family Unkown
Status Alive
Eye Color Sea-green
Hair Colour Black
Height 6'2
Affiliation Self, District four.
Weapons -
Home District 1
Friends/Allies -
Enemies -



  • A shark tooth necklace



*His last name is of the french "De la Mer" meaning, "Of the sea"