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Paris Avalons
District One Citizen
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Paris Avalons is the 20 year old Fiancé of Elena d'Troy. He is the only child of the wealthy Merchants, Arthur and Morganna Avalons.

His family trade the goods from warehouses to shops, making them a very wealthy family, indeed. Paris has passed reaping age, so he is free to live his life. On his 20th birthday, he got engaged. He then started sworking in his family buisness, taking over from his ageing father.


Paris is stuck up, posh and very tempermental. He believes that only few are intelligent enough to understand him, and he is usually quite bossy. When he was achild he would usually break out many arguments in school, over useless things. He usually made girls argue asnd fight each other, to be worthy of being an item with him.


Paris knows he looks good and he does not let anyone forget it. He is 5'9", with a slim build and messy, bronzed coloured hair. However, he is quite pale in skin colour. Alongside his beauty, he is quite vain and self-centered, however he does love Elena.

Paris Avalons
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 20
Family Morganna Avalons(Mother)

Arthur Avalons (Father)

Elena d'Troy (Finaceé)

Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Colour Bronze
Height 6'0
Affiliation Self, District one.
Weapons -
Home District 1
Friends/Allies Elena d'Troy
Enemies -



Theyre all of himself~