Renee Rual

Renee Rual

Renee Rual

Family: Mother(Mavis Rual age 45),sister(Ryesha Rual age 14),sister (Hearla Rual age 5), brother(Jmordan Rual age 7), grandmother (Zita Rual)

Age: 12

Hair Color: Black/Dark brown

Eye Color: Brown and twinkly


District: 11/2/4

Personality: Can be very feisty/cunning/sudective at times but other times she is quite sweet. When around friends she is very bubbly. Very, very competitive.

History: She was born on the 18th of June to Mavis Rual and Pual Rual. They used to live in the richer area of their distict but when her father was killed by the peacekeepers (was shot in the head at a public event for stealing bread for Hearla and Jmordan [the youngest children]) they were forced to move to the poorer area where Renee didn't make that much friends. Her mother favors Ryesha and treats the Renee and Jmordan and Hearla like slaves and beats them when they dont listen. Renee and her siblings made and agreement that if one of them was picked to be in  the hunger games one of them would volunteer. To remeber her father she wears a locket around her neck with a lock of her fathers hair in it. 


How Many Characters I Currently Have:0 (this is my first one)

If I want Renee Rual to be a tribute: Yes

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