Robin Ericsson

Robin Ericsson


Important Information
Gender  Male
Family John and Sophie Ericsson
Status Alive
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blonde
Height 6'0
Affiliation District 11
Weapons Knife
Profession Student
Home District 11


Caring and will try peace before violence. Even though he isn't too strong physically he has mantal smarts combined with photographic memory he was born with.


Robin was born to an avrage district 11 family, poor and loving. Yet during his childhood he could always find his way around his district with his photographic memory. He never told anyone but trusted friends and family pf his gift for fear of being used by Panem for who knows what. He still never got into trouble and steered clear of fights unless it was nessecary, such as for others who couldn't fight for thenselves.

As he grew older Robin became a kind of protector for the weak which got him arrested by the peackeepers a few times. Yet he still choose to help those who needed it and dose still.

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