Tabitha Rosa Jennifer LeonEdit

Tabitha prefers to be called by her middle name, Rosa.

Rosa Leon

Past / PersonalityEdit

Tabitha has always been the quite girl, never talking if she can help it. Her mind is always somewhere else. Throughout her life, Tabitha has been compared to her grandmother, Tabitha Frey. It always annoyed her and she felt like she had too much thrust upon her. She has never had that connection that one is supposed to have with their parents. She felt that her parents always thought of her as Tabitha Frey, like another chance to have her grandmother with them. When it became too much, she would run away into the outer parts of the district and hide there until she was forgotten. Tabitha was always easy to forget since there was never a reason to remember her.

Current LifeEdit

Tabitha now only goes by the name Rosa. You never see her, but you if you do, she is one of those people you forget easily. She never speaks to her parents and is barely home.


She is 15 yrs old

  • Her family consists of: Jennifer (Mother 48 yrs), George (49 yrs), Hilary (22 yrs), Davis (12 yrs)

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