Rosalind is a 15 year old resident of district 1 and a possible tribute.


Rosalind Shimmer

History Edit

Rosalind was one of the wealthiest families in her districts when she was a child. Growing up, she trained for the Hunger Games at an early age. By the time she was 14 she has mastered how to use a sword but fails at every other weapon no matter how much she tries.Rosalind's older sister Lila participated in the games when Rosalinda was 9 but she died shortly after the Bloodbath. This infuriated Rosalind, so she trained

her best so if she ever goes into the Games she can avenge Lila's death. A few monthes after Lila's death Rosalind's father got into a terrible accident which would cost almost the entire Shimmer fortune to fix. The devastating accidents left Rosalind scarred

Rosalind Shimmer

and lonely. She often finds her sister to be an annoying brat, her mother a bossy witch and her father was never the same after the incident. Her family is slowly trying to earn back the money they lost but barely earn enough because her father became diagnosed with a disease which would cost several hundred dollars for pills. Rosalind now often stares at the ceiling of her room.She also slices dummies when she is mad

Personality Edit

Rosalind is Ruthless, Mean, Fierce, Strong and Smart. Rosalind is often called selfish or conceited by the other citizens due to the fact that she often thinks she is better than everyone.Rosalind only cares for a small amount of people so she comes off mean .

Family Edit

Julie Shimmer (Mother 40 Perfumer) Kristopher Shimmer (Father 41 Retired) Sierra Shimmer (Sister 8) Lila Shimmer (Older Sister Deceased Tribute)

Appearance Edit

Like typical District 1 girls, she is tall, blonde, skinny and fit. Rosalind has piercing blue eyes and flowing blonde hair.

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