Sage was made by HungerGamesSims. His District partner is Felicia Carlos.


Highest Score:

Highest Odds: 22-1

First Kill: n/a The 100th Annual Hunger Games


Name: Sage Elderberry

''District: 11

Age: 16


Gender: Male

Weapon: Curved Knives, Stealth

Personality: Brave. Loves his friends. Always telling jokes, and he can always make the saddest person laugh, though most of his jokes are perverted. Never really thought of having a girlfriend, though most of his mates just say its because he hasn't found the right person.

Strengths: He is very intelligent. He is always top of his classes, especially music. Can see a dragonfly more than 10 metres away. He often helps Felicia send the workers home, so he is a good climber, just not as good as Felicia.Looks about 14, when he is actually 16.

Weaknesses: Quite clumsy. Can set off his traps often, mostly when he goes to see is they caught anything. When tired, he is a heavy sleeper, So if a forest fire happens,or if he snores too loudly, he will get killed. Anything can charm him.

Fears: The people he loves, especially Felicia, getting hurt.

Interview Angle: Will try to be witty, say a few jokes (maybe perverted ones) and try to win over the crowd.

Bloodbath Strategy: Won't fight at all. Just grab the nearest knife and run away.

Backstory: He grew up with his 4 older brothers and 3 younger sisters. No one knew what happened to his mother. She found money to buy bread, but never came back from the shop. There father was executed for treason.As he grew up, Every Harvest he would take just enough wheat and plants to make a meal, and not enough to get noticed. His brothers and sisters, working in separate fields, would do the same, so they would have enough food for the year. He would also act like a hooker so he would get more money for food.

After his oldest brother got a job, he was in charge of taking the most from the fields.One day, he was caught, and was sentenced with15 lashes from a whip. After 15 lashes, his friends, including Felicia, brought him to a healer, but she was unable to remove all the scars, So often he will have a sore back and his back would bleed occasionally.That same year, he was reaped for The Hunger Games with Felicia. He was sad inside, but acted excited for the cameras. When his family came to visit him, he told them jokes to make them happy and gave them a note each, which he previously wrote years ago as he was planning to run away, but his youngest sister, Clarissa, got ill and he had to protect her.

He has partipated in 1 game:


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