Sample Character
(This is a sample character)


Her father is a wealthy goldsmith who lives in District 1.


<Sample Character> is used to being respected and getting her way. She's extremely fashion conscious, and judges people on their appearance and the way that they carry themselves. She's a schemer, and is good at turning theories into plans. She is also skilled at charming and manipulating others. <Sample Character>'s very secretive. She's always hiding something. She's very vengeful, harboring a deep desire for revenge in her heart.

She's a natural-born leader, and is good at making quick and decisive judgements. She's quick at grasping complexities and is usually successful at identifying plans to turn problems around. However, she has difficulty seeing things from outside her own perspective. She dislikes to see mistakes repeated and has no patience with inefficiency. She has a tremendous amount of personal power at presence, and can be forceful and intimidating at times.


<Sample Character> is gorgeous and she knows it. She has wavy black hair, golden eyes, and olive skin. She always wears clothes in the latest fashion. She moves gracefully, like a dancer.

Sample Character
Sample Character
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Born -
Family -
Status Alive
Eye Colour Golden
Hair Colour Black
Height 5' 7"
Affiliation Self
Weapons Bows and Arrows, Dagger
Home District 1
Enemies -
Games -



  • A bow and arrows
  • A dagger



  • Skilled at fighting with a dagger
  • Skilled at making jewelry