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Sherry Tatum
District 10
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Sherry was born in district 10 along with her youngr sister Desiree. Their mother died giving birth to Desiree, and their father went insane as he saw it with his own eyes. He shot himself soon after. At the time, Sherry was seven and had to take care of Desiree from day one. When Desiree was five, she began to notice how overprotective Sherry was. She didn't understand why she had no parents or why Sherry didn't tell her about her past. And she wasn't old enough to realize Sherry was only trying to protect her.

She has chocolate brown hair, long and wavy that reaches to her waist, and has been seen by many men as beautiful. However, she has chosen to never marry, and to be a maiden for the rest of her life.

When Sherry was 15, she and Desiree finally saved up enough money to buy a baby calf and raise it for food. Desiree, of course, wasn't told the cow would one day be slaughtered. She became wildly attached to the calf, who she had named Patches. An entire year later, Desiree noticed Sherry sneaking towards Patches with a knife. Sensing what she was doing, Desiree hid behind a barrel and watched.

Sherry had to slaughter Patches, it was no use pretending otherwise. Desiree began to resent Sherry. Immediately she ran out to dying Patches, sobbing her heart out. When Patches finally passed, all of Desiree's sadness turned to anger. Even years later, as Desiree is 17, and the Patches incident has faded, Desiree still doesn't love her sister. All Sherry wants is Desiree to live past the games, and lead a normal life.

Sherry and Desiree have their own farm, as Sherry inherited it from an unknown great aunt who passed away when Sherry turned 20. Before that she worked as a milkmaid, and now as a full time farmer, living a middle-class life in district 10 with her sister, Desiree Tatum.

Sherry Tatum
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Age 24
Family Desiree Tatum
Status Alive
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Height 5'9"
Affiliation District 10
Weapons -
Home District 12
Friends/Allies -
Enemies -



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