Name: Valen Zephyre
Valen Zephyre

"Living is an illusion, then again, so is death" ~ Valen Zephyre

Age: 16

Eye Colour:Hazel

Hair Colour: Black

Family:Dreth Zephyre (Father), Karliah Zephyre (Mother)

Occupation: Plant Security Officer


Valen is one of those kids who just wants attention. Of course, when he gets it, it's never good. Even with his good looks, girls don't ever seem attracted to him, though he is unsure why. He is obviously not shy, but gets pretty paranoid sometimes. He is however, very kind to people. He loves to chat, though not many people really bother. He has a great interest in birds, and can name every species that he sees, even from a distance. He likes a girl called Aimee Terra, however, but with all his rejections, he refuses to say he loves her.


Valen was born on the 21'st July to Dreth and Karliah Zephyre (Zeth-re). Being an only child, his parents were able to support the family without much hassle, and made him concentrate on his education. However, at the age of 15, his father fell ill with pneumonia. Though he has recovered recently, side effects prevent him from working. Luckily, his education allowed him into a more "Middle-Class" Job, and he now works as a Security Officer in one of District 5's power production facilities. Though the pay is still quite low, he (and his family) manage to thrive better than most others. He still, however, has to put in Tesserae, as his father's condition is deteriorating rapidly, and his medication is expensive. Him and Aimee Terra have been friends for a long time, and they both care about their education as much as eachother.

Character Stats

Strength: 7
Luck: 5
Charisma: 6

Skill: 6

Valen Zephyre

[Valen Zephyre] -Plant Security Officer
-Possible Tribute

Role-Play Message – "Life is an illusion, but then again, so is death"


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