Victoria Watson
District 12 Is My Savior
Important Information
Gender female
Family Sofia Watson
Status Alive
Eye Color /Blue
Hair Color
Height 6"0
Age 15
Affiliation District 12
Weapons Spear
Profession Hunter
Home District 12


Victoria Tara Watson was born to Jonathan and Mara Watson. Victoria, as the oldest helped around the house a lot. Like her grandmother, Victoria was a healer. She healed everyone in the house. She had a little sister and a little brother named Sofia and Lucas. Lucas didn't often get hurt because Lucas stayed home but Sofia hunted so Victoria treated her wounds. Victoria has never been to the game and she never wants to.

Word BubbleEdit


Victoria -Citizen of 12, Healer
-Age= 15     Height= 6'0"     Weight= 126 lbs     
Sexuality= Straight     Relationship Status:= Single
Health Status= Healthy

 The Anti-Poseidon That you whacked with a Terminus Statue? Ya I think I remember~Hazel Levesque

Hello Darlings! Im Victoria

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