Willow Clearwater
Golden Eyes by thienbao
Resident of District 3
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Elizabeth Clearwater (Mother)

James Clearwater (Father)

Status Alive
Eye Color Gold
Hair Color Dark Brown
Height 5'7"
Affiliation District 3
Weapons Throwing Knives
Profession -
Home District 3 , Panem


Willow was always a naturally quiet and shy girl even from a early age. As Willow got older she became even more mysterious to people, she always did her work in school and never talked in class. In reality underneath her quiet and shy personality, is a funny and outgoing girl just waiting for the right person to bring her out.


Willow was born and raised in District 3, the District of Technology. From a young age Willow was exposed to every type of science and technology possible and soon became very familiar with them. Willow had a significant talent for science, especially inventing.Sometimes she would be up late at night trying to finish her latest contraption. Her mother and father were successful owners of a booming electronic company in the district, and sometimes her father would even put some of her inventions up for manufacturing because they were that good. When Willow reached the age of "12" she was unfortunately now eligible for the Hunger Games , so as a birthday present her mother and father both chipped in with their money to get Willow a set of 6 throwing knives they had a handle of black leather and a sharp silver blade. Her mother since she was actually a past victor of the Hunger Games began to secretly teach Willow everything she knew about throwing knives ,and how to survive in the games. Willow is now 14 years old and can now hit mulitple targets straight through the middle without a single mistake.She never missses her target. Her mother now believes that her daughter has a definite chance at winning the Hunger Games.


  • The locket her mother gave her when she was a baby.
  • Her set of throwing knives.

This character belongs to the user Willabean1


Character Stats

Strength: 4
Luck: 7
Charisma: 5

Skill: 9

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