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Important Information
Gender Male
Family Roger Woods (father), Cheryl Woods (mother), 10 siblings (1 deceased)
Status Alive
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Height 6’4
Age 16
Weapons Spear
Profession Possible Tribute
Home District 7

Character Stats

Intelligence: 6

Strength: 6

Luck: 6

Charisma: 4

Skill: 3


Xaverian was bron November 29. He had a twin brother who died as a baby leaving him the oldest of the 10 remaining kids. They orginally lived in a small but very nice house but had to move to a bigger one in a poorer part of the district as the family grew. His father works many hours in the district's industry, so Xaverian has to help his mother around the house a lot, which doesn't give him very much free time. He has few friends and has a hard time making them. Most of his friends he does have are unpopular but that doesn't bother him very much. Xaverian also has no courgage when it comes to talking to girls and always gets tounge-tied.


Xaverian is shy and quite as prefers to be by himself. Whenever he has free time he spends it running or walking because it gives him time to think, however he has trouble staying still for too long. He dislikes getting in trouble so he always tries to abide by the rules and is always nervous whenever he is near peacekeepers or strangers. He is strategic and smart even though he hates school.

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