Xavier Nolan

Xavier Nolan In the Capitol

Xavier Nolan was orphaned at a young age during the last events of the dark days. He became a ward of District 9 and made an apprentice of the local blacksmith. Because times were tough, the gruff blacksmith would force the boy to put his name into the reaping ball to recieve tesarea ever since he became of age. When the year of the 10th Hunger Games arrived, Xavier was 15, and his name was in the bowl 26 times. He is selected as the male tribute during that years reaping. Dragged away from his home, he was taken to the lush capitol and trained along the other 23 tributes. He chose to train with a curved sword

Physical descriptionEdit

Xavier stands 5'8', stockily built, moppy black hair stopping above his eyes, which are hazel in color. He has light skin,  with several burn marks accross his forearms. He is a fast runner, he is a viscious fighter, but attempted to avoid confrontations with other tributes during his games.

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