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Zyden Hellfire

History Edit

Her mother is her own known family that Zyden knows of, her father rumored to be a man married to another woman. Being born out of wedlock was not something that gave her points amongst people, so throughout her school years and working with her mother to make sure they both ate She simple kept her head down, listened and learning. This will be the second to last year of the reaping, and thanks to her good luck she had not been reaped. But as she watched the younger girl look scared and the lady up on the podium asked if anyone wanted to volunteer herself as Tribute. She didn't know what came over her, but she stepped out of line and spoke.

"I Volunteer myself as Tribute."

Her mother may never forgive her.

Personality Edit

Zyden grew up in a poor, fatherless family. Not described as a people person, or easy to get along with by most, Zyden is both smart and lucky about the things she applies herself to even if she doesn't have the superior skill like those around her. She does, however manage to make a few close friends that she hold close. You'll just never know it and she is often known to do things on impulse.

Possessions Edit

A Bronze Grain Broach handed down from her grandmother, to her mother to herself.


Zyden's Broach

Statistics Edit

Character Stats

Strength: {{{7}}}
Luck: {{{9}}}
Charisma: {{{1}}}

Skill: {{{4}}}

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